27 ΜΑΡΤΙΟΥ 2019

Lake Kerkini

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Lake Kerkini may be referred to as artificial lake, nevertheless a small piece existed since ancient times and its size depended on how much water will be brought down by the river Strymon, the main feeder of the Lake. From the lake you can follow the river and reach the floating Idonida city of "Nine Streets", in Amphipolis.
During the ancient years the forests were full of oaks, beeches, pines, chestnut trees and on the hills lived boars, deers, bears, bulls, leopards, lynx and lions. They say that lions had attacked the camels of Xerxes during the passage of the Persian army from Strymon river.
Lake Kerkini, which is surrounded by Mount Beles, Mount Kroussia, Mount Mavrovouni and Mount Agkistro, no longer have lions or leopards but still hosts a rich flora and fauna and offer stunning landscapes and images. It is alive and always changing, different during the winter and different during the summer.
Departure from Thessaloniki early in the morning , to Lake Kerkini. The route is 98 km and lasts approximately 1.5 hours and we reach the dam of Lake Kerkini (Lithotopos area). Each season hosts different bird species on the lake, so the visit is also a surprise. The fabulous Flamingos are constantly there almost all year round. The horse riding area is next to the dam and you can enjoy a horse ride. Then, we will have a Boat trip or canoe in the lake, to see the beauty around and for and those who want can also try 4x4 or bike ride in the lake dikes. Afterwards, we will visit the Monastery of St. John the Baptist with its magnificent architecture and the view to the lake (Above Akritochori) or Monastiraki village where you will find a monastery with only one monk. He will be very happy to see you! Then we drink a hot coffee and we gather to visit a few kilometers east of the farm lake with the imposing buffalo walking alongside us, observing them and learning their unique history and habits. We definetly have to try buffalo milk, yogurt and the caramelised, custardlike sweet kazan dipi, a regional speciality.
We are transported a little further in the village of Vironia and enjoy our lunch in a traditional Greek tavern in which at the end of the Second Balkan War, in the summer of 1913, it acted as a Greek headquarters where King Constantine and the then Prime Minister Eleftherios Venizelos made concessions peace, writing history and doubling Greece.
We continue in the village of Sidirokastro, where we will visit the waterfall and then we will enjoy the Hot Springs. We depart to Thessaloniki taking the perimeter road of the west side of the lake. Leaving behind the enchanting scenery you will have watched not only a part, but the whole Lake Kerkini in total!
Price: 20 € per person

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