27 ΜΑΡΤΙΟΥ 2019


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Visit Pella and Vergina, the two most important archaeological sites of the Macedonian Empire. Here in these two sites unfolds the great history of two great men and of a great ancient kingdom. Vergina was the first capital and was called Aiges in ancient times. Here you will visit the royal tombs of King Philip II father of Alexander the great. Inside the museum/tomb complex burial artifacts such as gold jewelry, weapons, religious artifacts and the Gold Larnax found at the tomb containing the remains of King Philip are on display.  Discover the museum of Pella,  where is the place of birth of Alexander the Great and the capital of the great Macedonian Kingdom. At the newly build museum admire thousands of gold and silver artifacts, mosaics, weapons, statues and maps. Next to the museum is the archaeological site where you will comprehend how big the capital was once when you walk around the 4000 hectar site. We departure from Thessaloniki early in the morning , to Pella.The distance is about 50 km and lasts about 45’. We reach Pella, where we visit the new, modern museum, as well as the Archaeological site with the unique mosaics. Next, we arrive in Vergina and we visit the Museum of the Royal Tombs of Aigai, which is situated in the borders of the village. Later, we enjoy our lunch at a restaurant with Greek traditional homemade dishes. We depart to Thessaloniki at about 15:30 where we return after approximately one hour (16:30) doing the same stops from where we started. 

Price: 20 € per person 

Bookings and enquiries:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +30 2310 55 55 56