27 ΜΑΡΤΙΟΥ 2019

Cave of Alistratis - Cave of Agiti springs

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At a distance from the well-developed tourist cave is the 15 km long gorge of the Angitis River, and in some places it reaches 80 to 100 meters deep. The Gorge starts from the boundaries of the Municipal District of Symposia and ends spectacularly on the Angistas stone bridge of five. Along the flow of the river, which forms "meandros" and is offered for "rafting", there are small and large caves on the rocky slopes of the gorge, which once offered protection to small, obviously human communities, the existence of which is testified by the rock records, 5th - 6th AD century animals representing various animals, such as deer and camels, as well as scenes of everyday life.
The local tradition calls for the gorge of Aggitis, known to the inhabitants of the area as "Straits of the Stone" or "Canal" to be a technical work of the Macedonians of Philip II, but it is certain that it is a epigenetic valley of the river that emerged from the evolutionary geological actions between the mountain range of Paggeios and the Meneion. Following natural paths starting from Contribution, Lefkothea and, of course, the Alistratis Cave, the walker has access to the Gorge, which has a rich flora and fauna.                                       
The cave of Aggiti  is located 23 kilometers northwest of the city of Drama and is the only exploitable river cave in Greece. The place is impressive in the cave and the visitor, as he moves in a corridor over the river and against the flow of water, follows the natural decoration in the Cave, which is dominated by white and red stalactites of various forms.
The "wheelhouse", which is connected up to date with the main cave area with a corridor, owes its name to the presence of a large 8 meter diameter hydraulic wheel that covered the water supply and irrigation needs of the area from Ottoman era.
Within this impressive opening on the roof of the hall, measuring 8 × 12 meters, there is a possible entrance of the surrounding villages and secret access from the acropolis located above the cave in the river. Equally impressive is the arched aperture where the waters overflow in the plains creating an oasis of freshness with trees, poplars and willows in the cave environment, ideal for relaxing visitors. - of which six species were first known to the international scientific community.
We departure from Thessaloniki early in the morning , to cave of Alistratis which is one of the largest and most beautiful caves in our country, with stalactites and stalagmites up to 15m high, in various colors and rare eccentrics, which is also a rare geological phenomenon in Europe. We are touring the entire cave with our guide and following our program, we will visit the city of Drama. As it is famous for its wines, as the “Mecca” of wine, we could not miss the visit to its wineries. Then, we will have the opportunity to relax, walk and have a cup of coffee  at the trademark of the city the “Santa Barbara” park, which have been included in the most beautiful parks in Europe, within the framework of the Culture 2000 program. Then we will depart for the cave of Aggitis, you will be impressed as you walk into the corridor over the river and contrast with the flow of water, watching the cave decoration dominated by white and red-figured stalactites of various forms. Departure for Thessaloniki at the afternoon.

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