27 ΜΑΡΤΙΟΥ 2019

Olympos – Dion

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Excursion to history, culture and traditional heritage looking at the mythical mountain of the 12 gods of Olympus!
(The route is 90 km and takes about 1 hour.)
Magnificent and imposing for centuries, Olympos rises above Litochoro, joining his tops with the sky and letting myths flow down the slopes, wander through the forests and ravines to meet history and the natural beauty.
On its vertices the Greek fantasy placed the residence of the twelve gods of antiquity. And lower, the residence of the Muses, the protectors of the Fine Arts. Olympos has been proclaimed since 1938 a national park, and in 1981 UNESCO has described it as a preservable part of the world biosphere.
Dion: Something special for the lovers of history is the archaeological site of Dion. It was the holy city of the Macedonians, a center of religious life from the 5th century BC until the 50th century AD.
Today, the visitor can see the ancient theater, the ancient market, the bloody mosaic bath complex, the Villa of Dionysus, the sanctuaries of Isis, Demeter and others.
We departure from Thessaloniki early in the morning and begin your journey to Olympus. We arrive at the archaeological site of Dion where we take a stroll in history and then visit the unique museum of Dion with the finds and statues of the ancient city as well as the unique mosaic that dominates the museum. We enjoy our lunch at one of the various traditional restaurants of the village and then head to Olympus, the mountain of the gods, and start the 20-minute hike in the famous Enipea Gorge. We leave for Thessaloniki around 3:30 pm, and we return after about an hour (16:30).

Price: 20 € per person
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