27 ΜΑΡΤΙΟΥ 2019

Waterfalls of Edessa - “Loutra Pozar”

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Waterfalls are considered to be one of the most impressive nature phenomena. The place where you can admire the sublime in Greece is undoubtedly the city of Edessa. The capital of Pella - one of the most beautiful settlements in Macedonia - has connected its name with its waterfalls, the top attraction of the city. Almost every corner of Edessa you will cross channels over small bridges. Almost everywhere, the sound of water will accompany you as a permanent melodic background. Sometimes calm and melancholy, sometimes rushing and unstoppable. The natural creator is the river Edessaus, whose waters cross the city before it rains in the waterfalls.
Loutra Pozar is located in the prefecture of Pella, 13 km from Aridea and 109 km from Thessaloniki. From their springs in the mountains they have been spilling for thousands of years the renowned for their beneficial properties thermal waters, the temperature of which remains constant at 37 degrees Celsius. The springs are located at an altitude of 360-390 m and are fed by rainwater, which, after penetrating into the ground, is heated and enriched with minerals and other ingredients. For many it is a terrestrial paradise, which they do not hesitate to compare with the Swiss spa. What to do: The waterfalls, the large swimming pool with thermal water splashing out of the bosom of the earth and the ancient baths with the special places are indeed a miracle of nature. You will also find a number of new private baths where you can be isolated for one or more hours and enjoy them with your company. The area is organized with hotels, restaurants, changing rooms and bars so you have all the comforts around you. In addition to the springs, in the wider area it is worth visiting the Loutra Gorge (ideal for walking or mountaineering) and the cave park. You can indulge in alternative activities, visit the beautiful areas around Loutraki and of course enjoy the local cuisine with the Macedonian flavors they hold for centuries.
We departure from Thessaloniki early in the morning to Pozar Thermal Springs  and the distance is 110km and lasts about 1 hour and a half. We reach the enchanting Pozar Thermal Springs where we have free time to enjoy the quality of the healing water and the natural pools of the springs where you will be able to enjoy at the same time your coffee at an absolutely organized area. Later on, we will enjoy our lunch at a picturesque village next to Pozar, tasting Greek traditional flavours, where you will have the chance to buy traditional products from local salespeople (such as honey, jams etc.) from the local market which is situated at the central square of the village.
Next, we visit the city of Edessa, having free time to enjoy the powerful waterfalls that end up just right in front of your feet and capture the moments by taking pictures of the enchanting scenery.
We depart to Thessaloniki at about 15:30 where we return after approximately one hour and a half (17:00) doing the same stops from where we started.
Price: 20 € per person 

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